Quintessential Palm Beach

As I mentioned the other day, in addition to working on the ORC, I'm also looking to finish up the interiors at our vacation house. Our home's not in Palm Beach, but that's not stopping me from coveting this particular style of decor. I've been holding onto this House Beautiful feature as inspiration for a few years now. Kemble Interiors, a firm known for it's chic spin on Palm Beach style, designed this playfully fresh home. All the blue and white pottery, tropical touches and preppy pieces are exactly the look that I'm going for in our own Floridian home.


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  2. That red sofa at the bottom of the stairs is just delicious, but I wonder, with a little sadness, whether it doesn't sit, lonely, wishing somebody would curl up on it with a book. It would be the perfect place, but then again, if it's the entryway, maybe not so much. Maybe overlooked. Makes me think of seeking out the overlooked corners of my own home.

  3. Great post! I love how happy I always feel after looking at Palm Beach style. I need to add some in my home.


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