Weekend Wrap Up

Happy April! No foolin' here (although these ideas are pretty cute!) The first week back from spring break is always tough, but I'm almost caught up on laundry and mail and generally getting back into the swing of things. We were down in South Florida and thankfully enjoyed some great weather. Above is a favorite photo from this trip that I posted over on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, it was hard to ignore all the hype and hysteria going on over the impending change in the app's algorithm. I thought that Style Your Senses did a great job of explaining it all.

A few more interesting reads and links:

-A clever home styling trick.

-Moscow Mules with a refreshing spin.

-Just picked up these sandals that tie up but not around the ankle (no slipping) - they're perfect!

-My round mirror round up.

-A casual yet chic rain jacket.

-Timeless beauty advice from Audrey Hepburn.

-Favorite Podcasts.

-Beautiful round up of the best looking day beds.

-Target's new kid's home line is too cute! 

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  1. The Audrey link is worth it for the photos alone!

  2. I adore Audrey and even wanted to name my youngest Audrey but my husband squashed that! Love daybeds and wish my narrow feet fit in those sandals I always slip through the front! Have a great weekend!

  3. I always enjoy your Friday links! Thanks for helping me enjoy a lazy Saturday morning! Enjoy YOUR weekend! xoxo


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