Weekend Wrap Up

May arrived in a wet chilly blur around here...Hopefully things will brighten up and warm up soon-it certainly doesn't feel like Memorial Day weekend is coming up! In addition to a lot of hot tea and rain boots- here's what caught my eye recently:

-this super cozy (and flattering pullover)

-surprising things to buy and do at Costco

-an inspiring new book on entertaining.

-so intrigued by this Diana Vreeland candle.

-eight TED talks you need to watch.


-my latest Instagram crush....she even has a new book out!

-home stretch of the One Room Challenge!

 -ten flower arranging tips


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  1. I disagree with the title of "the only 8 TED Talks you need to watch." I love TED Talks, so 8 isn't nearly enough. And they missed some of my favorites: Amy Cuddy on power positions; Sugata Mitra on how kids can teach themselves, and so many more. I subscribe to the TED Radio Hour podcast and end up listening to talks about many things I thought I wasn't interested in, but thanks to the talks I learn something fascinating every time.

    1. Thanks for the rec! - now subscribing to the podcast as well!

  2. Love.

  3. I get so confused about water temperature for flowers. I've always used lukewarm, but then Jenny from Little Green Notebook recently did a flower 101 post and she says use very, very cold water! I have found if you put the flowers in the fridge every night that they last longer, but this doesn't always work for a large arrangement. the pasta sounds amazing, but minus the meat for this vegetarian!

    1. imagine a fridge in your home just for flowers? That would be something:)


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