Weekend Wrap Up

It's Friday...the 13th! Does that freak you out? I don't really pay attention to this stuff...until something goes wrong...

The One Room Challenge ended this week. Did you see all those great reveals?! It's a lot of fun to participate, but always a great relief when it's over, much like final exams, only thankfully without the grade pressure. 

Speaking of finals, everyone around here is so excited for school to end - including me! The weather is warming up and we're starting to solidify our summer plans.

A few fun links to take you into the weekend...

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  1. Happy weekend.

  2. Love those 15 words. I would add, when writing, incorrect use of it's (it is) for the possessive (its). Drives me nuts.
    At the same time, I am guilty of "amazing"--if you say "this post is good" it sounds as if you're damning with faint praise, which isn't the intention at all.


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