Wanted: Venice Recommendations

Back in February I had asked for Paris recommendations and you guys came through with the best ideas, tips and sites! I'm hoping to get another round of great referrals going, this time for Venice, Italy! For the girl who didn't leave the country, let alone the North East in decades, I'm now going back to Europe this summer...this time with my husband and three kids!

I'm excited and a bit anxious, but the more I plan our trip, the less anxious I feel. I'm already in great hands with Sandy of You May Be Wandering, she's helping us plan a fun and educational trip that I'm hoping all of my family will enjoy. I'm also constantly checking in with my friend Bonnie over at DayTripper365 - she always knows the best places and the coolest out of the way spots.  In addition, I'm scrolling through Instagram - and fell in love this travel account Saaggo - which is where I spotted these stunning photos...

Unlike Paris, I've never been to Venice and can't wait to see this magical city in person.  We'll also be heading to Florence and Rome, but I feel like I have a better grasp on what to do and where to stay in these two cities. However, I would welcome any ideas on these destinations as well! Thanks in advance!


  1. I"ve never been, but I know I will be someday, so I am looking forward to what others recommend! So exciting Sue!

  2. Have fun.

  3. Venice is a fabulous place to visit, have been several times. My recommendation is to visit some of the islands, like Burano and Murano, they are interesting and just a short boat trip away.

    As for Florence, don't drive if you do not have too as it is a little challenging to get around. From Florence take a say trip to Siena, beautiful old city. That said, driving from Florence to Rome or vice a versa stop and see some of the hill towns like Orivetto, each has intereting sights and fabulous local food.

    1. I can second Elizabeth's recommendations. Siena is worth the side trip, and Orivetto is lovely too. Just driving in the countryside between the cities is worth the hassle of the car rental.

  4. Anonymous6/08/2016

    Be sure to go to Cipriani for lunch. Walk the gardens and lay out by the pool after lunch!

  5. In Venice, Have a drink out on the terrace of the Gritti Palace. It was superbly renovated two years ago. Fabrics are Fortuny and the old world ambience is seductive.
    Also take a private tour of the Doges Palace and St. Marks Cathedral. The history is fascinating.

  6. I am SO excited for you!!! Thank you So much for the shout out too!! See you domani!!

  7. My husband and I were there with my three kids two years ago. We started in Rome, then went to Florence and then Venice. In Venice I recommend a private mask making class at Ca del Sol. Your whole family will love it. The Maestro shows you all the techniques and you work in the most charming workshop. Also set up a tour of the Doges Palace with the dungeon part and my kids (who at the time were 8, 14, and 16) also liked the tour of St. Marks basilica because the tile paintings were amazing. I'm so jealous. Our family had the best time. Fyi... I live in Armonk--not far from you. Love your blog!!

  8. My favourite Venice moments were a sunset in Pellestrine,
    a small fishermen's town about 1 hour away from Venice. It was like a time travel and absolutely amazing.
    Have a great trip!

  9. Hi! Great article recently printed in Monocle magazine about Murano glass, the hand blown glass industry and a company trying to take things to new heights. Interesting, and would recommend a visit to the island while in Venice. As well, after visiting the Peggy Guggenheim collection (not too big, nice grounds, right on the canal), will all find it neat to walk along the canals in the Dorsoduro area, nice and slightly off the beaten path, not too far. Will find restaurants in the area as well. Enjoy, it's a wonderful city!

  10. Anonymous6/14/2016

    Burano fo sure, it is beautiful but in such an explosive colorful way, so unlike Venice. Also, we found the ACTV public transportion ticket a great deal. You can ride unlimited vaporetto. A great suggestion is to get on the vaporetto and ride it the whole route just befor sunset. Clickhere for more information


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