Weekend Wrap Up

Happy first official weekend of summer! If you've been following on Instagram, our Italy trip just ended and I'm slowly making my way through a mountain of mail, messages and laundry. Of course I also have been a little distracted ....hello high speed wifi again!!!

Once I get settled, I'll be sure to give a re-cap of our Italy travel highlights.

-Came home to so many spectacular sales...this one and this one in particular!

I've been trying to make better (healthier) choices when it comes to snacking. I recently discovered these coconut chips...amazing!

-Speaking of health -  6 Healthy Types of Tea.

-still loving the patriotic colors in this home (two years later).

-summer beauty picks.

-all about THIS summer cocktail.

-10 Home Decor Finds Under $100.

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  1. Love.

  2. Welcome home! I'm so glad you mentioned the coconut chips. Have been wanting to try, but then I forgot about them!


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