Facebook Live Home Tour Recap


I hinted over on Instagram that I was going to be doing a fun project with House Beautiful. Well, that project did in fact happen yesterday-it was a tour of my home, specifically the One Room Challenge rooms I've done. If you'd like to take a look, it's over on the House Beautiful Facebook page.

In order to kick off the latest round of the One Room Challenge (which is starting up again next month!) we did a Facebook Live interview! My first one and I hope you can't tell how extremely nervous I was!!!

If you've been following this blog for awhile now, then you know I've participated in three One Room Challenges in the past. Our laundry room was the most recent one last year, our guest bathroom before that and lastly our kitchen. And, if you're new here...welcome! I've linked all three challenges up here today-these will take you to the reveals, which list all the sources I used...and the before photos are linked from within those posts!

I will not be participating in the ORC this time around...but you can be sure I'll be following along with all of the participants. Can't wait to see who the next group will be and all the designs they come up with!

photos by Nicole Cohen


  1. That cloud wallpaper is fantastic.

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