Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Fall y'all! I've been doing my best to get out and enjoy all fall has to offer as much as possible- because autumn in New England's a really short season. It's usually full on winter by the second week of November....

My favorite links this week:

-20 Things To Do This Fall (number 12 is first on my list!)

-4 Amazing Bathroom Renovations. 

-The solution to the stolen charger controversies in my home  (at least I hope so!)

-Couldn't resist this soft gingham button down.

-Mini Apple Rose Pies! (so tempted to give this a try)

-New York's Secret Garden

-Finally, thanks for your kind words  both on Instagram and Facebook about my Facebook Live appearance this week!
(it was totally out of my comfort zone...but I guess sometimes that's a good thing?)


  1. Happy October, Sue!!! Thanks for your links - always good stuff here! I definitely need to check out the "secret garden" in NYC because my son lives on MacDougal street - I wonder if he knows about it. Have a great weekend - I may run into your somewhere buying mums!! xoxo

  2. Ha Ha! Just read the Secret Garden article in depth - no, my son does NOT live in an apartment with garden access (average price $13 million!..too bad! :)

  3. I saw a beautiful, bold patterned wallpaper on a featured article about you from One Kings Lane. It was the bathroom paper where you framed your son's swim shorts. I have fallen in love with it and was hoping to find the manufacturer. Do you mind sharing? I am hoping to end my crazy search. :)

    1. Hi Dawn, The paper is by Quadrille and the print is called Sigourney. Good Luck!


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