Weekend Wrap Up

It seems it's always the shorter work weeks that end up feeling like the longest-especially with all three starting school on Wednesday. Grateful that the kids are back on a set schedule, but already mourning lazy days with no team practices, homework battles and early alarm settings...

September always feels like it calls for a fresh start, so I've decided to take that attitude and apply it to my own work. On a mission to be more organized on the blog and over at the shop. It's mostly "behind the scene" things...but a new set of goals helps me to get into the fall spirit.

A few interesting links for your weekend -

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  1. Love.

  2. Love the black article. Love the Cut always!

  3. I always love your weekend posts!! The article on New Yorkers wearing black is great and made me feel SO much better since my closet is a sea of black! :) Have a fabulous weekend, Sue!! xoxo


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