Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Hostess Gifts To Give (And To Get)

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On the one hand, it feels a little early to be talking about holiday hostess gifts. But, on the other hand, we already received one holiday invite in the mail this week! Putting this event on the calendar forced me to realize that there are only six weekends until both Christmas eve and Chanukah!

Deciphering dress codes to these events is a little stressful for me, but bringing a fun gift for the hostess is always a cinch. Every year around this time, I make a point to stock up on a few favorites like these gorgeous Fornasetti candles, a few festive ornaments and these chic fragrance diffusers. So while I might be running around last minute to find a cute party outfit, at least I know I have a great gift to bring the host or hostess.


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  2. Anonymous11/11/2016

    Do you really spend that much on holiday hostess gifts?? Love your blog, love your style, love your taste, but to spend north of $50 on a hostess gifts seems quite excessive. Would love to see more reasonable suggestions. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It depends on the type of party, but yes, sometimes I do spend north of $50, other events I spend a lot less. Always appreciate honest feedback from readers and I'll take your suggestion to heart for future gift guides.Thanks!


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