Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Friday! Still no tree over here, despite best intentions! We did manage to decorate a ginger bread house and have the outside lights hung up. Also, our holiday cards went I'm trying to focus on what was done...instead of harp on all the things left undone!

This week's finds include 35 holiday cookie recipes, what to watch on Netflix this month- since I've already finished (and am missing) The Crown and a few other fun links below....

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  1. Thanks for those wrapping tips!

  2. Great links, as always! I really enjoyed the articles on men giving gifts and the Instagram influencer. Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the season! xoxo

  3. Loved the men giving gifts article, as our situations has been reduced to me sending the actual link to the item, or a list of places he could buy a gift card.... Also, LOVED the wrapping link! Thanks!!! PS - You are doing great on your to do list! You forgot to list....WRITING A FREAKING BLOG DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!! Thumbs up....


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