Palm Beach Chic

Just when I was thinking about going extreme minimalist (it's a January thing every year for me, you too?) Amanda Lindroth's over the top designs in the February issue of House Beautiful completely snapped me back to my love for exuberant interiors. I love everything about this feature, from the ornate details to the amazing artistry involved.

I'm such a big fan of Amanda's design work (this one's a personal fave) and her latest Palm Beach endeavor did not disappoint. The before and after photos of this apartment (worth checking out at House Beautiful) really bring home how thoroughly Amanda transformed this space. The "Trompe L'oeil" mural (by artist Aldous Bertram) is both clever and chic -  and really makes this home so special.

I'll be sure to stop by Amanda's design shop in Palm Beach the next time I'm in the area.  I have a feeling I'll want to move right in!



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  1. That apple is very Magritte.
    The overall effect is fun--it exudes a zest for life. Minimalism is nice, too, but I like the idea of furniture as art. I think this kind of thing works best with minimal clutter.
    The only thing about some of the painted outlines around furniture on the walls is that you can't move furniture without repainting.

  2. I love the palm beach look and it is so perfect for our climate here! The trouble is I love all white as well and blue and white! Maybe need another house to decorate!

  3. P.S. love the apple artwork and woven bag with the pink and white stripe in the last picture!


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