Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I'm no longer the mom that scrambles last least not when it comes to holidays and gifts. This has been one of the most unexpected positive things to come out of writing this blog. Before the blog, Valentine's Day would creep up on me. Around February 12th I could be found desperately sifting through sad boxes of unknown cartoon character Valentine's Day cards at our local CVS...the Star Wars and popular Disney princesses long gone. 

Now, thanks mostly to behind the scenes emails from PR firms, publicists and magazines I realize now is the time to think about Valentine's Day gifts. If you've read this blog for a while, you know I'm always ambivalent about this holiday, but I do like to give little gifts to my family. Last year these adorable candy tackle boxes were a big hit, but in hindsight maybe a bit too much candy. So I"m thinking smaller with this, this or this. Cute little socks, a lip gloss or phone's easy (and fun) to shop for teen girls on Valentines Day. Thinking a nice bottle of red for my husband and a cute little Lego figure for my I just need to get all those cards...preferably today!


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  1. Hey! Throwing an idea around here for Valentine's day, but one thing that is overlooked every year as a gift of value is a cleaning service/gift certificate for a service. I'd LOVE if someone paid to have my house cleaned! In the past I have purchased from and ever since then I purchase from them every year for people :)


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