Revisiting Kate Marker Interiors

When we first moved to our house in Connecticut almost two and half years ago, I went into decorating over drive. It took forever to get the decor in our old home in New York right, and I just didn't want to start all over again and wait it out here. The momentum paid off and it was nice to have rooms finished in short time frame. The trick was duplicating a lot of our old home's design here in Connecticut, which made it feel like home immediately.

Then this winter I hit the design wall, putting several projects on the back burner. Now that we're heading into spring and the days are longer, I'm feeling a pull to start up a few new ideas and get the design process rolling here once again. Re-visiting the design portfolio of Kate Marker (a style stalk here from back in June last year) has also sparked this desire to zhush things up. Below are just a few of my favorites from this talented designer.


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  1. Her work is gorgeous and I love seeing all of the statement making light fixtures! The one in the dining room is a favorite! Happy Thursday, Sue ~

  2. Loooove all the lighting fixtures. Very soothing design indeed


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