Home Tour: Carole Radziwill's Renovated New York Apartment

One of my guiltiest guilty pleasures is watching almost every show on Bravo. Of all the Bravo TV shows, my favorite is the Real Housewives....and my favorite Real Housewife show is definitely New York City. So imagine my thrill when I stumbled across Carole Radziwill's freshly redecorated New York City apartment on Architectural Digest...because, you guessed it, she's my favorite!

I adore Carole, not just because she's so smart and sophisticated, but because we both come from the same small town in suburban New York...and you always have to route for the hometown, right? But seriously, how beautiful and befitting a Radziwill is this apartment? Designed by John Bossard, looks like I'll be adding best design taste to my list of Carole Radziwill accolades.


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  1. I wonder how she closes the drapes, or maybe she doesn't. I have four-meter-high ceilings, and it's really hard to pull the drapes. Plus they have black-out lining so they're heavy. I didn't want those ugly systems with pulleys. I wonder what she does.

  2. Carole is my fave too, and I recall her making decorating decisions this season. I wonder if that blue sofa is the old torn up tiger one? Sorry if it mentions this somewhere as I have not read the article. I know she was attached to it because it belonged to her late husband. I really liked her old decor, but this is a whole new color scheme and wonderful as well!

    1. Indeed it is the famous Lee Radziwill sofa. Joni from Cote d'Texas did a post about it recently.

  3. Carole is my favorite too and love the new decor. What is she going to do about the cat(s)? They tore up her other furniture.


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