The Vogue Living Collection For Schumacher

This summer I've been terrible about keeping up with my email inbox. Yesterday, I got a chance to finally go through it properly- and not a moment too soon as I almost missed this gem from Schumacher's latest press release...

"The Vogue Living Collection, inspired by the Vogue archives, is a modern take on English Country. The collection signals a return to proper decorating with this updated, eclectic family of romantic florals, sartorial stripes, charming checks and subtle sheers. The designs embody the best of Brit style with sophisticated color stories and endless opportunities to mix and match a variety of gorgeous must-have patterns. Whatever the mood – eccentric and bright, broody and deep, quiet and tonal – Vogue Living offers the elements you need to create an interior with a distinct personality and unique point of view.

“In collaborating with Dara Caponigro and her team on this exciting project we looked both to evocative prints and textiles in Schumacher’s remarkable historic archive, and to the work of some of the great Jazz Age Vogue illustrators, elements of which we have worked into innovative new designs, treatments and color stories,” said Hamish Bowles, the International Editor at Large for Vogue “In doing so, we created a collection that pays homage to some of the great tastemakers whose instincts for fashion, style, and interiors has shaped the look of Vogue through the decades.”

Photo credit: Melanie Acevedo. Courtesy of Schumacher

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