Seven Inspiring White Kitchens

white kitchen, white massive stove hood, dark floors
In a world of design, where trends come and go and even my own personal preferences change from year to year, I take comfort in the few things I consider to be my "style constants". I've written about my love for white kitchens before, and I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. That's probably why my friend wanted some final input and inspiration from me (hence this post) as she starts to renovate her home and builds what she hopes will be her dream kitchen.  Like me, she shares a love for white kitchens, the way they look so bright and light and clean, not to mention the fact that they can be a blank slate for style. White kitchens can be modern and stark, traditional and warm or also somewhere in between...(that's probably why realtors seem to love them the most as well).

white kitchen with slate black floor
white kitchen with chrome finishes and marble
Images via: Mrs. Howard, DCM designs, Houzz, Veranda, Houzz, Houzz, Traditional Home


  1. I agree....white kitchens are the best and stand the test of time. And I love them with white marble and wood floors....heaven!

  2. Nothing better than a white kitchen. I love all of that white against the black casement windows - just beautiful!

  3. Love these kitchens -- you can't go wrong with white kitchens!

  4. I think any home owner should go with timeless in the kitchen and bathroom and the rest of the house is up for grabs. It just makes it easier to sell.

  5. Dying over 5 and 6! Is there anything better than a great kitchen?
    Happy Monday.

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  6. I love the classic look of a white kitchen, these are beautiful examples.

  7. Just give me some white cabinets, marble tops, herringbone floors and black iron windows and I'll be happy for life!


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